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Human Emotions Found Contagious In Dogs: Pups Can Read Human Faces Via Emotional Intelligence

Lizette Borreli: ‘Researchers at the University of Vienna in Austria suggest canines not only understand, but also “catch” human emotions and dog emotions; this is known as “emotional contagion.” Previous research has contended dogs are really skilled at picking up what people are feeling just by looking at someone’s facial expressions. A 2016 study in Biology Letters found dogs have the ability to integrate visual and oratory inputs to understand and differentiate human emotion from dog emotion. For example, when dogs heard positive sounds, they would look longer to positive faces, both human and dog; negative sounds prompted them to look longer to negative, angry faces. Dogs have the ability to combine two different sources of sensory information and perceive the emotion in both humans and dogs… These findings suggest dogs are vulnerable to emotional contagion. This enhances their ability to understand their owners when they’re happy or sad… Dogs’ emotional intelligence can be advantageous, and give proof that their love is really unconditional’. SOURCE…

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