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Why does Montreal insist on reviving the cruel tradition of the rodeo?

Toula Drimonis: ‘Since the announcement of an urban rodeo as part of the activities planned for Montreal’s 375th anniversary this summer, many local residents have vacillated between confusion and anger. Confusion, because a rodeo has nothing to do with the history or traditions of the city, and anger, because the event relies on the needless suffering of animals for mere entertainment. The Montreal SPCA has launched a petition against the “cruel” event where “animals are subjected to fear, stress and undue risk of injury or even death.” At last count, the petition was at 14,000-plus signatures and going strong. In addition, 600 veterinarians and vet techs have signed a petition of their own. NomadFest, the name given to the rodeo, claims all measures have been taken to ensure the animals are cared for… In Canada, the city of Vancouver banned rodeos in 2006. But in sharp contrast to the global tide of rising animal welfare awareness, Montreal and its current administration are reviving a cruel tradition that doesn’t even have anything to do with the city’s history, culture, and identity’. SOURCE…

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