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How PETA and Lush promote animal exploitation

Eva Lampert: ‘With staggering lists of upwards of 50 ingredients in common beauty products, it can be easy to direct our attention to the smiling bunny label that promises an item is “cruelty free” or “not tested on animals.” It may come as no surprise to some, but these arbitrary classifications are permitting people to support animal cruelty… Heartening people to buy products that are not tested on animals but still contain animal products is still encouraging them to take part in a system that exploits animals. In our modern society where almost any product (cosmetic or not) can be made vegan, there is absolutely no excuse to purchase products with animal ingredients. Animal Welfare organizations like PETA, and other so-called animal activists, should promote nothing less than completely vegan products and companies as anything short of that sells animals out. Bottom line, we shouldn’t support companies that proudly flaunt their opposition for testing, while continuing to kill animals’. SOURCE…

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