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Public functions to go vegan? India’s Prime Minister Modi urged to ban meat at government meetings

Business Standard: ‘Animal rights organisation PETA India on Monday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take meat off the menu from all government events, taking a cue from the German Environment Minister’s initiative to ban all meat products from public meetings. Noting that as a vegetarian, Modi is a a role model of “compassionate, healthy, and environmentally friendly” eating, PETA said that it is time the entire Indian government should follow his lead and protect the environment by eliminating animal-derived foods from its meals.

The letter notes that Germany’s ministry went meat-free because meat production is one of the leading contributors to climate change, which is causing people throughout India to suffer severe droughts and heatwaves. In addition to producing an estimated 51 per cent of worldwide greenhouse-gas emissions, meat production also uses a massive amount of water, land, and food resources, it said’. SOURCE…

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