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‘A national disgrace’: Catalogue of animal suffering at Scottish abattoirs revealed

Bureau of Investigative Journalism: ‘Thousands of farm animals have suffered in more than 700 serious breaches of welfare rules in Scotland in less than two years, according to official inspection reports. Cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens have been found injured, ­emaciated, diseased or dead on arrival at abattoirs. Numerous animals were slaughtered while heavily ­pregnant or had to be repeatedly stunned before they were killed. There was “cannibalism” among chickens, “unnecessary pain” endured by cattle and “massive bruising” on sheep, according to inspection reports by government watchdog Food Standards Scotland (FSS) obtained by the Bureau. In other cases there were “signs of suffering”, “evident stress” and “extensive maggot infestation”.

One slaughterhouse worker was said to have been “intimidating and vicious” with a sheep. A driver was seen kicking a pig and another dragging a pig by its tail. Politicians and animal welfare campaigners describe the revelations as “appalling”, “absolutely horrifying” and “truly shameful”. They are demanding tough new curbs by the Scottish government… The group Compassion in World Farming demanded that farmers who broke animal welfare law should be made to repay public subsidies. “The data shows widespread suffering and is alarming,” said the group’s chief policy advisor, Peter Stevenson’. SOURCE…

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