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Harvard University uses taxpayer money to create ‘mouse fight club’

Stephen Dinan: ‘Harvard University researchers pitted mice against each other in what one observer called a “mouse fight club,” altering one mouse’s genes and then sticking it next to an “intruder” mouse and seeing how long it took for them to go at it. But the university’s researchers forgot to mention in their press release that they’d used nearly $900,000 in federal taxpayer money to fund the study — an omission that violated longstanding federal transparency laws, according to a new report being released… by a coalition of government watchdogs. Out of 100 Ivy League schools’ projects examined by the coalition in 2016, not a single one complied with the transparency rules, effectively hiding federal taxpayers’ hand in a number of controversial animal research projects.

“There’s a whole lot of wasteful experimentation on animals that the public is concerned about,” said Justin Goodman, vice president at the White Coat Waste Project, one of the groups behind the new study. “If they knew exactly how much money is being spent on some of these projects, like forcing dogs to run on treadmills until they have heart attacks, they would give a second thought about whether this is the way they want their money spent”… The mouse-fighting project was designed to test whether suppressing serotonin neurons would spark more aggressive behavior… Taxpayers seem to have a penchant for funding aggression studies. The new waster report also identified a project at Northeastern University that took $3.4 million in federal funds to study whether Prozac makes hamsters more aggressive. That school also failed to disclose details required by the Stevens Amendment, the report says’. SOURCE…

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