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Why Is a Slaughtered Bull and Animal Blood Considered ‘Art’?

Susan Bird: ‘In Tasmania, Australia, the month of June will bring the… “Dark Mofo” festival. Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch will be there. Nitsch plans to present a three-hour performance art piece that will include the ravaged carcass of a just-slaughtered bull. Yes, that’s what passes for art these days… What gives Nitsch the moral right to sacrifice a life each time he wants to put on one of these blood-spattered performance art pieces? He can do it only because in most places, we still don’t revere animal life in the way that we do human life. It would be laughable to imagine him sacrificing a human for this same purpose, but a bull? Oh, well, it’s just a bull. Thousands of them die at the slaughterhouse every day. What’s one more?

A bull will lose his life so some quirky artist can get media attention and put up a blood-stained tableau for spectators to gawk at. The claim that the bull will die “humanely” is fiction, and the argument that the meat will supposedly be consumed doesn’t forgive the act. A bull wants to live, just as we do. But he’s not free to to do so only because we’re stronger, a bit smarter and more effective at killing. Might doesn’t make right, but we surely love to believe it does’. SOURCE…

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