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Fifty years of hell for the gentle giant dying in agony: Campaigners fight to free elephant held in captivity

Julian Robinson: “This is the shocking condition of an elephant held in captivity for 50 years and dying in agony in his brutal shackles… Heartbreaking images show Gajraj, kept as a tourist attraction at a temple in Satara, India, with the tips of his tusks hacked off and open sores where chains are clamped around his legs.

The 63-year-old animal is also said to be showing severe psychological anguish brought about by isolation and the abusive treatment he receives in captivity… The giant animal is reportedly suffering daily with abscesses on his hide. Overgrown toenails also force him to shift his weight from one side to another constantly.

Charities are desperately campaigning for him to be moved to the Wildlife SOS’s Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura. Pictures show how the ends of his tusk have been chopped off. In other cases, the excuse is given that this makes elephants easier to handle, but campaigners say the ivory is often sold off for use in medicines…

After being shown the photos, animal welfare campaigners Save The Asian Elephants, said they appeared to show the animal ‘in distress and mental torment’. CEO Duncan McNair told MailOnline: ‘These photos show a broken down, abused, injured, neglected and ill animal, in a terrible state physically and, as it seems, psychologically and mentally’.” SOURCE…

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