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Revealing Photos of the Faces of Captivity Call Us All to Question How We Treat Animals

Michelle Neff: ‘Jo-Anne McArthur is an award-winning Canadian photographer that has been documenting animal rights issues around the globe for the last fifteen years. Through her lens, brutal and complex worlds unfold about humans’ uses, abuses, and sharing of spaces with animals. The goal of her work, pieced together in her book We Animals, is to photograph our interactions with animals in such a way that the viewer finds new significance in these often ordinary, overlooked relationships.

Through her compelling photography and writing, Jo-Anne breaks down the artificial barriers we have erected between humans and non-human animals. Her work helps expose and bring much-needed attention to inhumane conditions in monkey breeding and bear bile farms, rodeos, and research labs across the planet.

And now McArthur has taken her work one step further and has launched the We Animals Archive, a free-to-use resource featuring thousands of stunning high-resolution photographs of animals, including hundreds of previously unseen images. McArthur is now allowing free access to her images to help raise awareness of the animals exploited in industries around the world.’ SOURCE…

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