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Animal Advocacy: We Are The Low-Hanging Fruit

Che Green: ‘You are unique. Too unique, unfortunately. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably an animal advocate. As such, you are part of a small minority of people who have meaningfully changed their behavior for animals. Those of us who believe in minimizing and eventually eliminating all forms of animal cruelty may be a majority of the population. But those of us who take that belief to its natural conclusion (which, to me, means veganism and some form of advocacy) represent only a small minority…

For several decades now, vegan advocacy has focused on educating and persuading consumers. It’s important and necessary work. But to choose vegan education as the only path toward making the world more compassionate is to commit to a very long-term struggle. Changing hearts and minds is aggravatingly slow… Right now, less than 2% of people volunteer for any animal issues and about 1% are vegan.

So, we’re back to your uniqueness. Did you become an animal advocate or a vegan because you saw a documentary or read a book? Maybe you had a personal conversation with an advocate or just saw a billboard. But there may have been thousands of people who saw that documentary or billboard, so what was it about you that caused you to change? It’s possible you’re just different from other people. Maybe your experiences and genes predispose you to being empathetic toward animals. I argue that this hard-to-identify combination of traits makes you the low-hanging fruit, the “easy win”.’ SOURCE…

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