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Plant Based News: Top 100 Most Influential Vegans Of 2017

Plant Based News: According to Plant Based News, these are the 100 most influential vegans of 2017: Paul Watson, Chloe Coscarelli, chef, best-seller, Gary Yourofsky, Angela Davis, godmother, modern activism, Paul McCartney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jessica Chastain, Richard Burgess, Russel Simmons, Plant-Based by Nafsika, Kalel, David Robinson, Dr John McDougal, WWE, Olympics, Superbowl, Playoffs, Fiona Oakes, Meatonomics, Ellen Fisher, social media outreach, Dr. T Colin Campbell, Jeremy Coller, Sandra Higgins, Miley Cyrus, singer, songwriter, actress, tv, star, Kat Von D, James Aspey, animal rights activist, Dr Michael Greger, physician, author, internationally recognised, professional speaker, Keegan Khun, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, Ingrid Newkirk, PETA, Neal Barnard, PCRM, Anita Krajnc, Canadian, Rich Roll, ultra-endurance athlete, Sia, rock star, Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat, Pat Brown, Impossible Foods, Breeze Harper, The Sistah Vegan Project, James Cameron, Dr Melanie Joy, psychology, Tal Gilboa, Israel, animal liberation movement, Kip Anderson, Fashion, Pamela Anderson, Moby, DJ, techno music, Sea Shepherd, Dr. Garth Davis, Captain, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Journalist, Anchor woman, Vegan Gains, Beauty, vlogger, beauty, BOSH, Henry Firth, Ian Theasby, best-seller, Angela Davis, godmother, modern activism, Bryant Terry, award-winning, educator, American, tattoo artist, model, TV personality, Steve-O Comedian, stars, Jackass, Heather Mills, Stella McCartney, Paul McCartney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jessica Chastain, Russel Simmons, entrepreneur, producer, Colleen Patrick Goudreau, speaker, Josh Tetrik, Hampton Creek, Scandal, Success, Egg Board, Hellmans, Unilever, Just Mayo, Mayonaise, ABC, BBC, Young Turks, Dairy Free, Cruelty Free, Lucky Seven, Las Vegas, Starch Solution, British marathon runner, Matthew Kenny, cookbooks, Kim Williams, cardiologist, diabetes, Philip Wollen, Australian, philanthropist, prominent member, Banking, World Bank, Mommy Tang, Barney Duplessi, medical surgical, weight loss doctor, Dale Vince, British, green energy, industrialist, Ecotricity, Adriano Mannino, philosopher, Sentience, Politics, Sandra Higgins, Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, Simon Amstell, television presenter, screenwriter, Leanne Ratcliffe, Freelee the Banana Girl, Mic the Vegan, Michael Dearborn, Harley Johnstone, Durianrider, Bruce Friedrich, executive, The Good Food Institute, New Crop Capita, Emily Barwick, Bite Size Vegan, Damien Clarkson, Eisel Mazzard, Vegan Cheetah, Unnatural Vegan, Mark Reinfeld, Stardust, Hannah Howlett, Josh Balk, The Humane Society of the United States, farm animal, Emma Stone, Oscar-winner, Emma Stone, Toni Okamoto, food blogs, Merryl Streep, Andy Lally, professional racecar driver, Crissi Carvalho, fitness coach, model, Kendrick Farris, strongest, weightlifter, Olympian, record holder, Bob Goldberg, Follow Your Heart, Andrew Taylor,, Ginny Messina, public health, nutritionist, JME, grime MC, Evanna Lynch, Harry Potter, Matthieu. SOURCE…

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