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Exposed: Goats Beaten for Organic Milk

PETA: ‘PETA Germany has obtained shocking video footage from an organic goat farm in northwestern Germany which shows these gentle animals being violently beaten, deprived of veterinary care when sick and injured, and and abused in other ways. Workers forced terrified goats into the milking parlor by beating them with sticks or their fists. When they tried to flee, workers grabbed them by their horns or legs, hauled them back into position, and beat them again. They were herded into the milking parlor twice a day, and these violent beatings appear to be the standard operating procedure.

Confined by the hundreds to a massive shed, they were deprived of medication and proper veterinary care, even when sick or injured. The eyewitness observed many emaciated animals with ribs and hip bones clearly visible, lameness, open wounds, deformed hooves, and upper respiratory conditions. Diarrhea was also common, apparently a result of being regularly fed spoiled food…

PETA Germany has filed a complaint against the farm owners, and is calling for them to be banned from keeping animals in the future. The two workers seen abusing goats in the footage have been fired. PETA Germany is also calling for action against the Veterinary Office that inspected the farm for failing to act on the abuse it witnessed’. SOURCE…

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