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Photographer uses her talents to defend animal rights

Casey Christopher: ‘New Jersey-based self-taught travel and wildlife photographer Sammantha Fisher strives to capture the beauty of rescued farm animals. Fisher photographs for sanctuaries and shelters free of charge and promotes veganism and animal rights on her Instagram. She hopes her photos, which exude serenity with her use of muted colors, help people “in making the connection that animals are deserving of love and respect just like humans”. Fisher explains on her website, “From a young age I knew I was different from other children with how I cared for animals. I was always trying to help any hurt animals I found, from turkey vultures to crows to a squirrel named Earl… I questioned the fact that we had a cat and dog as pets but ate other animals that we didn’t deem as deserving of our love and compassion. I am now vegan for the animals, my health, and our planet”.’ SOURCE…

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