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Zookeepers receive death threats over footage showing them ‘torturing elephants with whips and hooks’

Scott Campbell: ‘Zookeepers who allegedly tortured elephants with whips and hooks have received death threats after an animal rights group released footage showing shocking animal abuse. In one sickening shot, a zookeeper drags a baby elephant being trained for a show by the neck causing the young animal to cry out loudly. The footage is said to have been filmed at the Hanover Zoo in Germany, the fifth oldest in the country that was opened in 1865… According to PETA the videos of elephants doing tricks for visitors were taped in the Spring of 2016… Police have stepped up patrols around the elephant enclosure after launching a probe into the death threats which were also directed towards the zoo director… PETA had used hidden cameras in the training area of the elephant enclosure and taped zoo keepers allegedly hitting the elephants with hooks and whips. They have now filed a criminal complaint against the zoo with bosses pledging to thoroughly analyse the recorded material’. SOURCE…

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