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This World-Class Soccer Player Credits His Comeback To a Vegan Diet

Alisa Hrustic: ‘Despite his advancing age, Jermain Defoe has maintained his edge for club and country, scoring 14 goals in the English Premier League to go with his most recent international golazo… Defoe hopes to prolong his career by keeping his body in peak condition, which involves various recovery and diet techniques… Among cryotherapy treatment, massages, and realizing the importance of rest days, Defoe has also transitioned to a vegan diet. “That’s a funny one because, when I go to my mum’s, she’s got every kind of meat you can imagine out on the table,” he says.

After his girlfriend convinced him to give it a try, he feels that he’s adopted the lifestyle change successfully. “I don’t find anything hard to give up, as such, because I know the feeling scoring goals gives me,” he adds… “In terms of fitness and fatigue towards the end of games, I still feel good,” he said. “I’m trying. I still enjoy training, the buzz is still there and I just want to try to play as long as I can. So I do the stuff that will give me the best opportunity to perform and score goals”.’ SOURCE…

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