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Taiwan makes it illegal for shelters to euthanize animals following tragic case of vet who committed suicide

Dave Burke: ‘Euthanizing animals in shelters has been banned in Taiwan – nearly a year after a vet took her life after becoming distraught about the number of dogs she had to kill. Jian Zhicheng, who was 31 when she died in May last year, strived to rehome dogs, but had often had to put them down because there wasn’t space for them in the state-run facilty where she worked… She revealed the number of dogs she had been forced to euthanise during a news bulletin… Jian’s death sparked calls for authorities to improve conditions for animals and staff at shelters…

Animal welfare group, Life Conservationist Association, estimated more than 1.2 million animals not adopted from shelters have been put down since 1999. ‘Animal protection in Taiwan has moved towards a new milestone,’ the association’s executive director Ho Tsung-hsun said in a statement. But Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture warned the ban would lead to a deterioration in the quality of shelters through a surging intake or it may discourage the capture of strays’. SOURCE…


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