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Shocking pictures show young cows crammed into cages at M&S dairy farm in UK

Tanveer Mann: “An investigation has revealed how an M&S milk supplier keeps calves locked in small, solitary, pens for up to six months. Grange Dairy, in East Chaldon, Dorset houses around 1,000 calves, many of whom are up to six months old, in solitary pens despite animal welfare laws banning solitary housing for calves beyond eight weeks old. The calves are used to rear cows that will go on to supply milk to leading supermarkets like Marks & Spencer… Footage taken by the welfare group Animal Equality UK shows some of the larger calves barely being able to take a step forward or back. They can be seen struggling to get into plastic hutches, designed to shelter them in poor weather, resulting in large open sores on their backs.

Dr Toni Shephard, Executive Director of Animal Equality UK, said: ‘Seeing row after row of baby calves alone in tiny pens — when they should naturally still be with their mothers — is truly heartbreaking… She added: ‘Animal Equality found female calves as old as six months cramped and suffering in individual pens… We are calling on M&S to break ties with this supplier immediately. We urge all supermarkets to implement a zero-tolerance policy when farms break animal welfare laws’.” SOURCE…

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