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What Animals Teach Christians About Getting Along

Ruth M. Bancewicz: ‘We are often confronted by pain and death in the living world, but there is so much to learn from the way that organisms work together. Creation groans, but we can also see evidence of beauty and harmony, from the smallest cell to the most sophisticated society. In biological terms, there is survival of the fittest, but there is also cooperation on a grand scale. We need to be aware of both these dynamics if we are to have a balanced view of God’s world, and what it can teach us about his character and purposes.

Our media may focus on death and predation in the natural world today, but this has not always been the way things are communicated. At one time, Western society celebrated the beauty and wonder of nature, seeing trees, rabbits and waterfalls through the sentimental, rose-tinted glasses of Romanticism. The English cleric Thomas Malthus’s emphasis on “struggle for existence,” in part, fueled an extreme swing-back. Society began to emphasize the “red in tooth and claw” competition for the “survival of the fittest”.’ SOURCE… SOURCE…

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