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Taronga Zoo: ‘Hellish’ animal captivity after death of beloved African elephant

April Grover: “Animal rights activists have slammed Taronga Zoo for elephant captivity following the death of its beloved African matriarch Cuddles, claiming the zoo would have been ‘hell’ for an animal who was meant to roam free. A spokesperson for PETA told Daily Mail Australia the female elephant spent 40 long years at the zoo being ‘used as a cash cow’ and she was now ‘at peace’ after spending so long in captivity. Cuddles died… after zoo staff made the heartbreaking decision to put down Australia’s last remaining African elephant due to her digestive health issues.

The 46-year-old elephant spent 40 years of her life at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, and after her death PETA has said it welcomes the zoo’s decision to no longer house African elephants. ‘After years of being used as a cash cow, Cuddles is finally at peace,’ PETA’s Associate Director of Campaigns Ashley Fruno said… ‘Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s decision to no longer exhibit African elephants is a welcome one, but PETA urges the zookeepers to show as much compassion to Asian elephants.’ ‘Zoos around the world have closed their elephant exhibits or announced plans to phase them out, citing their own inability to meet the significant needs of these animals,’ Ms Fruno added. ‘It’s time for Taronga Western Plains Zoo to do the same’.” SOURCE…

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