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The secret ingredient to a happy life? Going VEGAN

James Draper: “Despite its reputation as a mere affectation, a world expert in human happiness claims that going vegan is the key to a happy, fulfilling existence. Former genetic scientist Matthieu Ricard, who’s now a Tibetan monk and respected scholar of western religion, made the assertion.. The 71 year-old – who’s also a close confidante of the Dalai Lama – said in Friday’s Facebook post: ‘I am extremely concerned by the fate of the 8 million other species who share this world with us, and who, like us, wish to avoid suffering and live out their lives. ‘When you ask people if they are in favour of justice and morality, everyone will say yes. Do you think you could then ask that it’s just and moral to inflict unnecessary suffering on sentient beings? Everyone will say no.

‘And that’s exactly the case, because today this suffering is not necessary. If you love animals, watch and take action’. He then referenced a World Health Organisation study which linked a diet of meat to a number of poor health conditions, such as heart disease. They’ve also previously advised that eating meat can increase the risk of developing colorectal cancers. ‘The animals suffer, the environment suffers and we suffer,’ he adds. ‘True happiness can only be attained when we avoid causing pain to others, so please become vegan like me’.” SOURCE…


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