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New study finds the realities of factory farming mostly misunderstood

Jill Ettinger: ‘A recent study conducted by Viva!, a vegan nonprofit based in the UK, reveals something alarming about our relationship with food: few of us really know anything about our food system, particularly when it comes to factory farming and common animal agriculture practices…  It’s not surprising, considering the clandestine nature of factory farming and efforts like Ag-Gag bills aimed at preventing undercover operations that expose cruelty and illegal activity in farms and slaughterhouses… According to the research, while more than eighty-three percent of the participants said they had a good understanding of the food system, more than sixty percent did not realize that female cows must be continuously impregnated to produce milk… Or that the costs to raise bulls for inseminating all these milk-producers are staggering, or the suffering that constantly impregnated dairy cows endure, which includes having their newborn calves taken away from them as soon as their born. More than two-thirds of people polled were also unaware that killing newborn male chicks (just a day or two old) on egg farms is another standard industry practice… Yet when they learned about it, nearly 70 percent said the practice should be illegal. A whopping eighty-eight percent of people were unaware that most pigs are killed at just six months old, despite having a natural life expectancy of around 15 years. Pigs are as intelligent and loving as dogs’. SOURCE…

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