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These athletes went vegan — and stayed strong

Kristen Hartke: ‘ “I don’t want to be vegan,” David Carter once said to his wife. “That’s for weaklings.” At the time, Carter was an NFL defensive end, weighing in at more than 300 pounds… That is, until he started to experience health issues that affected his career, which ended in 2015…  Once he made the switch to a vegan diet, he realized that all of the beans, grains, fruit and vegetables he was eating were helping him be big and strong, bench pressing 465 pounds on a diet of bananas, lentils and cashew cheese. “The biggest and strongest animals on the planet — elephants, gorillas, rhinos — are herbivores,” Carter says… For many athletes who have switched to a vegan lifestyle, the change was prompted by reasons similar to Carter’s. Poor health plagued Rich Roll before he adopted a plant-based diet and began a career as a world-class ultramarathoner in his 40s. And tennis star Venus Williams famously chose a raw vegan regimen five years ago after being diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, an immune-system disorder that caused her joint pain, fatigue and shortness of breath’. SOURCE…

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