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Why Do Vegans Eat Fake Meat — And Why Does It Make Meat-Eaters So Mad?

Alaena Hostetter: ‘“Smoky and moist, tangy from barbecue sauce … kind of chewy” are words Observer food editor Beth Rankin used to describe the vegan brisket at the newly opened V-Eats in Trinity Groves. Who could guess those words would set off another food firestorm in Dallas, or that so many barbecue devotees are so vehemently opposed to an animal-free form of their beloved brisket? The post on the Observer’s Facebook page got nearly 300 comments from supporters of the vegan option and even more people who were vocally opposed to anything that’s a substitute for the real deal. The outrage was heard across the internet, and sites like Fox News and Food and Wine reported on the response to Rankin’s review. Even news outlets as far-flung as the U.K.’s Daily Mail picked up the story and the vitriol that trailed behind it. All of the response begs a question: Why do vegan restaurants serve meat substitutes, and why do vegans eat things that are reminiscent of the meat they’ve left behind, often for ethical reasons? And what’s behind the outrage from die-hard meat-lovers?’ SOURCE…

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