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Vegan diet can cut risk of prostate cancer by 35 per cent

Kashmira Gander: ‘Leading a vegan lifestyle can cut the risk of prostate cancer by 35 per cent, a new study has suggested. A vegan diet is void of all animal products and is instead based entirely on plant foods, including fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains. The US researches behind the findings used data on over 26,000 men to study how omnivorous and plant-based diets affected the chances of developing prostate cancer.  In total, 1,079 cases of prostate cancer were reported in the group, with around 8 per cent of those in men with a vegan diet. The researchers at Loma Linda University in California found a 35 per cent reduction in prostate cancer risk in men who followed a vegan diet, which they called “statistically significant”. Professor Gary Fraser, who led the study funded by the World Cancer Research Fund, said: “This new research makes a significant step in linking a vegan diet to reduced prostate cancer risk’. SOURCE…

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