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Feds to Spend $10 Million for ‘Gender Equity’ in Animal Testing

Mike Flynn: ‘The National Institutes of Health is earmarking $10 million to ensure there is “gender equity” issue when using mice for medical research. Seriously. There is a “gender bias” in medical testing, apparently. According to NPR, the NIH, as a condition of keeping the medical research funding pipeline running,  is going to spend $10 million to introduce “gender equity” in testing on mice… The claim is that by conducting testing only on male rodents, the results potentially didn’t hold for female humans… According to Anthony Bellotti, executive director of the White Coat Waste Project, which aims to eliminate federal funding of animal research… “The truth is, as many medical experts and doctors will tell you, spending tax dollars on animal experimentation— whether this new, ‘politically correct’ experimentation or the old, male-focused variety— is extremely wasteful. Mice aren’t humans, and the grant recipients conducting these usually pointless experiments know it”.’ SOURCE…

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