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If you are on a plant based diet, stop calling yourself Vegan

Eva Lampert: ‘There’s a movement hijacking the vegan one, and it’s called “plant-based”. This buzzword is getting the kind of attention Paleo misses, and is confusing just as many people. Read on, and understand why it’s important to make the distinction for the progression of animal activism. First and foremost, it’s just that – a diet. It’s grounded in good health, with advocates opting for high volumes of fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts, seeds, and grains. It most commonly does not include meat, dairy, or eggs. Often, it can be seen getting cozy with gluten free and organic labels. People take on plant-based diets for a number of unique reasons, from illness prevention and weight loss, to saving money and having one more thing in common with Miley Cyrus. While a plant-based meal might also be vegan, a person who eats plant-based often is not. You can eat nothing but arugula for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but if you then throw on a pair of leather shoes and head to SeaWorld, you’re not a vegan’. SOURCE…

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