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Being a little bit vegan is completely oxymoronic

Jill Wooster: ‘Well, there goes another “Veganuary”. I always hope it inspires lifelong vegans, but it feels increasingly like a month of meaningless experimentation during which people rave about trying veganism as though it’s a dietary fad, a health kick, a pose or a lifestyle choice. With irritating concepts such as “vegganism” surfacing, perhaps it’s time for a simple definition of veganism. A vegan is someone who doesn’t use any animal products. No wool suits, no leather shoes, no honey in your tea, no cheese on your pizza. A vegan doesn’t eat eggs. A vegan can’t eat eggs. If a vegan eats eggs, they’re not a vegan. Nor are they a “veggan”. There’s a perfectly good word for someone who eats no meat or fish, but does eat the occasional egg: a vegetarian. (If a vegetarian eats the occasional fish, they’re a pescatarian.) Being vegan is an ethical mindset promoting non-violence in which animals matter morally. If animals matter morally, we can’t justify their exploitation in any way. You can’t be a little bit vegan. The word “veggan” infuriates me, because it exists to suggest that you can. Who benefits from the promotion of vegganism? The egg industry’. SOURCE…

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