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Lori Gruen: ‘It’s Almost Impossible to Ethically Justify the Use of Animals in Research’

Dayton Martindale: ‘Last November, the National Institutes of Health announced it would be retiring the remainder of its lab chimpanzees to sanctuaries, two years after deciding to retire all but 50. It is a decision that has many animal welfare activists thrilled, photo of a womanbut even among them, few have more reason to celebrate than Lori Gruen. A professor… at Wesleyan University, Gruen has a special love for chimpanzees. She has researched and documented the history of chimpanzee experimentation in the United States, written prolifically on animal ethics as an academic and an animal welfare advocate… [Dayton Martindale] spoke with Gruen… after the NIH decision. With only rare interruptions from her rescued greyhound, we discussed what that decision means for chimpanzees and other animals–human and nonhuman’. SOURCE…

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